Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Evidence Again

Two new City Councilpersons are sworn in!

A new Councilperson (right) hard at work next to a continuing member of the Council.

An extremely pleased and happy Mayor laughs with one of the new
Councilpersons as they prepare to begin a new session of the Council.

Evidence again that all politics is local!
by Charlie Leck

Politics works at the grass roots. A republic, such as the one established in the United States of America, will only work properly if its people are alert, informed and involved. What happens at the bottom in our nation -- in its communities -- has a mighty impact on what happens at the top.

This principle was evidenced again last night, in our little town, in the swearing in of two elected officials who were chosen by the people to serve them honestly, openly and courteously. That is all that we who worked for them asked of the candidates in return. There were no bargains struck and no political, social or community agendas.

"Serve us honestly, openly and courteously," we asked.

We shall now watch to make certain their promises are kept.

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