Sunday, April 4, 2010

Facebook Adieu

One day, while browsing around on Facebook, reading some incredibly innocuous, repetitive and boring comments by perfectly nice and interesting people under other circumstances, I stopped and asked myself: What the hell are you doing? I decided to sign off.
by Charlie Leck

I went to Facebook a few times each week, hoping to find some kind of comment from the people I like best in my life. Most of the time there was nothing there. I complained to one of my friends about his failure to check in once in a while; and he replied with something that made sense.

“I don’t care for Facebook,” he said. He’s a fellow my age, with an enormous amount of common sense. He listed a number of problems he’s had with Facebook and cataloged the time he’s wasted there.

“Okay,” I agreed, but let’s at least keep in touch with regular emails. I reread this guy’s Facebook message to me a few times and decided he was spot on about the failures of Facebook relationships.

With that, I decided to deFacebook and it was something of a relief to me that the decision was made.

I’ll admit that one good thing that comes from one’s Facebook experience. One is reunited again with people with whom one might think connections had been forever broken. I may be forfeiting making other reconnections like that, but at least I won’t have to hear (or read) about lonesome brown cows that were found in some Facebook friend’s fictional farmyard. And I won’t need to worry about rejecting the “friendship” request of some person I would barely nod to in ordinary social settings.

And, I doubt that a single one of my Facebook “friends” will every even realize that I am gone. The ones who really care will continue brightening up my days by sending me regular emails.

I am no longer on Facebook and it feels quite great!

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