Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tarryl Clark versus Michele Bachmann

Friends of fairness, all around the country, we need your help up here in Minnesota!
by Charlie Leck

I was very distressed to read in our local paper that Michele Bachmann is raising campaign funds by the barrel-full and (here’s the troubling part) 63 percent of those funds are coming in from other states. In the last three months, Bachmann has raised $800,000. As of now, she has a campaign booty of 1.3 million.

It’s frightening to think how that money will be spent. How many sleazy, distorted and outlandish ads can you get away with in today's political climate? The answer of course is as many as you can pay for!

Frankly, to beat Bachman, we’re going to need to turn to other states to step up and match the kind of funds that the Republicans are sending in from all around the country – and especially from the south.

So, my friends who read this blog, I’ll put it straight to you. Please contribute to the campaign of Terryl Clark. You can do so by visiting her web site. I’ve listened to Ms. Clark. I’ve read about her. I’ve studied her positions. She’d make a great congresswoman. Please help us out up here – no matter where you’re from.

Michele Bachman is the same woman who, during her last campaign, talked on MSNBC about Obama’s “anti-American” views. She recanted those statements, but now speaks of herself as looking like Nostradamus for having said that about the President. She can’t have it both ways? Or can she?

Please, wherever you’re from, if you have a progressive bone in your body, send Terryl Clark some money to assist her campaign.

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