Monday, April 19, 2010

A Surprise Quiz!

Please answer the following questions!
by Charlie Leck

Sit tight! No hitting the back button on your internet browser! Today, I am asking you to take the following pop-quiz. It amounts to four questions. Please answer each very briefly. Actually, each of them can be answered in two words or less. Your grades will be posted here on Friday.

What is more dangerous to American society and the health of our nation than ignorance?

How many of our founding fathers – the inventors of our Republic – felt it was vital that citizens should be well informed?

What has happened to the great nations and empires in history when their ruling elite became selfishly wealthy and lost concern for common citizens?

Who was it, beside Congresswoman Michele Bachman of Minnesota, who said of the starving masses that were begging for bread, “Let them eat cake!”?

Thank you!

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