Thursday, December 23, 2010

A New Obama

I no sooner than write a scathing blog about Obama’s lack of skill in working legislation through Congress, when (boom!) he turns around and looks like a master in working the START Treaty through the Senate.
by Charlie Leck

START is the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. It is our agreement with the Russians about the number of nuclear weapons, and launchers for those weapons, that we may each hold on to. Yesterday, the Senate ratified the treaty in spite of Republican leadership’s desire to hold it over for the next Congress. A number of Republicans broke rank to support this treat.

It must definitely be considered a victory for President Obama.

In my last blog I wrote about the President’s ineptness in working with the national legislative bodies and that “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” had passed in spite of the President’s failures. The White House is trying to spin it quite differently and credit Obama with a major victory in getting this legislation passed. Forget it, Dude! I’m not buying it.

I received a pot-load of email from readers condemning that blog. My readership sure gets irked by any criticism of the President. Lighten up folks and try to think about it objectively. This is a President who has had difficulty with his congressional relations. It’s possible the blame could lay with Rob Emmanuel, Obama’s departed Chief of Staff, who has gone off to run for Mayor of Chicago. He was well known for his gruff and tough approach to negotiations. Now Obama has several aides working Congress, including a couple of woman (I’ll write about here soon) who have a much softer and gentler approach.

However, I’ll tip my hat to President Obama over the Senate’s ratification of START. This was a victory and it may also be a sign, and a good one, that the President and the Congress may well be able to work together for the good of the country; though I do admit that the next Congress will be a more difficult one than this one.

Kudos to the President.


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  1. There is hope yet. Somtimes it takes a kick in the ass to bring someone back to reality.