Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wasting Your Time

I did you a great favor! I am not going to waste your time.
by Charlie Leck

Sometimes you just have to know when to tear it up and throw it away! I did that with this morning’s blog. And, it was a great favor I did for you.

You know, it wasn’t that tearing-it-from-the pad-and-crumpling-it-up kind of motion. Remember when we did that so many years ago? No, it was the simpler and less satisfying motion of sliding the mouse up to the little x-mark at the top right corner of the word processing application and clicking on it. A question flashes before one’s eyes on the monitor screen: Save current document? Yes? No? A simple click on the no-button, and the crap one was producing is gone forever – exactly to where it ought to go.

You should be proud of me for not wasting your time.

I was going to whip on the Republican Party a bit this morning. I mean really put a woopin’ on ‘em! What’s the use? They’re holding the trump cards right now and they’re going to win the big pile of chips that are out there in the middle of the table – they get to keep the tax cuts for the very richest people in the nation. I have a feeling that it will be a while before we can again look upon a winning hand.


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