Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Red Sky in the Morning

I’ve already posted my day’s blog. It went up while it was still very dark outside. Now the sky is bright and beautiful and I need to write about it.
by Charlie Leck

The sky this morning is lusciously colorful as the sun begins to rise. It’s bright blue with splashes of very pink, wispy clouds. “Red sky in the morning – a sailor’s warning!”

Another storm is out there, lurking, waiting!

We’re still recovering from the snow over the weekend. Thousands of tons of snow will have to be removed from the city streets in Minneapolis. It’s been plowed into mountainous piles on the sides of the streets and especially at street corners. It’s difficult for automobiles to park tight against the curb, so they are almost always protruding into the inside lane of traffic. That slows everything to a crawl at the rush hours.

Snow removal budgets will be used up quickly this year and the cities and bigger suburbs will need to appeal for more money. No one is in the mood to spend more money right now. Politicians are adamant about it. Our little town boasts of decreasing taxes by 9 percent this year. I’ll anxiously watch to see if services drop off by about 9 percent also.

Just as fast as I’ve written these few paragraphs, the pinkness is gone from the sky and so is the brightness. Now it’s a dull, grayish blue; but, we’ve had our warning. Our plows and snowblowers and shovels are at the ready.


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