Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Talent and Ability in the Presidency

Wasn't Bill Clinton funny last week in the joint press conference with President Obama from the White House? He was back in his element and I enjoyed seeing him there. And, he enjoyed it immensely.
by Charlie Leck

That joint press conference with the President and former President last week was just wonderful. I laughed with great vigor when the President explained that he had to leave, because Michelle was waiting, but encouraged former President Clinton to remain and go on as long as he wanted. And, as long as the press had a question, old Bill was ready to entertain us all with long-winded answers.

There was something extraordinary about this man as President. And, part of it was the scandals and gossip. He was a colorful and exciting President -- never dull and always ready for a legislative fight with Congress. Clinton knew how to jaw bone.

I don't think it's possible that history will give him a bad rating as a president. After all, look at the remarkable job he did with the economy. And, he knew how to massage and squeeze his legislative requests through both the House and the Senate.

Bill Clinton's great strength was that he was the consumate politician. He was a politician about 95 percent of the time and a diplomat and negotiator the remaining 5 percent. He showed us the importance of intimately understanding political leverage in order to get things done in Washington.

Sadly, our current Chief Executive doesn't have that ability and I think history will write the story just that way. President Obama is a good and kind man with a remarkable sense of humor. He also has a great dream for the nation. He just doesn't understand implementation.

I find myself constantly wondering how Hillary would have been as President. I was a strong supporter of her at first and then Obama charmed me over to his side.

Though Bill Clinton was valiant in defending the President, I think Mr. Obama made a grave mistake in caving too far to the GOP. Indeed, the Republicans had him over a barrel, but I believe Mr. Obama will be long remembered for this concession and it has established his legacy as a weak politician and legislator.


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