Sunday, April 10, 2011

Congress Sucks

Both parties in Congress are making fools of their members and they should figure out a way to compromise and get the nation moving again!
by Charlie Leck

Nick Kristof in the New York Times gets it right with his most recent opinion column when he calls the Congress cowardly. He spares neither party and I am with him on this one.

Kristof writes...
"This isn't government we're watching; it's junior high.

"It’s unclear where the adults are, but they don’t seem to be in Washington. Beyond the malice of the threat to shut down the federal government, averted only at the last minute on Friday night, it’s painful how vapid the discourse is and how incompetent and cowardly our leaders have proved to be. "
I recommend you read this column. I just sent along a copy of it to my congressman.

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