Sunday, April 17, 2011

Raising Money for the USA

Maybe America should hire a fund raiser who could make the appeal to the nation for contributions to shrink or eliminate the debt!
by Charlie Leck

There are several dozen organizations around here who are not embarrassed to approach us for contributions to their institutions and the work they do.

We try to be smart givers to both our community and to worthy national and international organizations. We could be living a lot higher on the hog, but we think it’s important to give generously to important organizations that do essential work.

So, such thoughts make a question inevitable…

Wouldn’t you make a contribution to the good, old USA if you were asked and if you believed it was going to a worthy cause? I’ll bet millions and millions of individuals would? Maybe foundations or corporations would also contribute.

I’m made to think of this because of the fund raiser for one of the organizations I mentioned above, who makes a regular practice of courting me and keeping me up to date on what her organization is doing for the community and how important that work is. She always gets us to loosen our purse strings further than we would have had she not made the personal request.

Why doesn’t the nation in which we live do this too? There are millions who would give hundreds and hundreds who would give millions. It could be a part of our tax return forms. Contribution check-offs.

Maybe it’s something we’d only have to do when we were in crisis times such as the one we are in now.

I’d rather do that than see programs to care for the needy being cut.

Giving money to my country would be more important to me than taking a golf trip to Ireland.


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