Friday, April 1, 2011

Myth of Sisyphus

The myth of No New Taxes both here in Minnesota and around the nation!
by Charlie Leck

The move is on by both the Republican Party and its little brother, The Tea Party, to slash, slash, slash spending in Government. The goal here in Minnesota is to balance the budget, which must be done under state law, without raising anyone’s taxes.

These two political entities will try both to accomplish this and to pull a rabbit out of an empty hat at the same time. It’s all a big myth my friends.

Here in Minnesota, the legislature is cutting aide to cities and communities like crazy. Guess what? Without needing to go into complex economics, which I couldn’t do if I wanted to, this means that the town you live in must now find money to perform needed services someplace else.

As long as we’re playing a guessing game, guess where they’ll turn to find the money. No, they are not going to seek foreign aid from Saudi Arabia! Small towns all across America will now raise property taxes on the people who own the houses and property up and down the streets of these communities. And, without guessing, I’m sure you know that that is YOU.

Welcome to the wonderful world of NO NEW TAXES. What do they take us for? SCHMUCKS?

The Republicans in the House arm-twisted the President of the United States into agreeing to extend tax cuts for the wealthy in return for them agreeing to extend unemployment benefits for the 9 percent of the nation’s potential workers who are unemployed. I personally think the President should have given them the finger and then held them accountable for the disaster that would have smacked millions of families around the country.

The experts are clear about this folks. Taxes in your community and my community are going to rise. If you are a renter, your rent is going up. If you are a home owner, hang on for dear life. The cost of gasoline and food is sky-rocketing while the Republicans dither. The Tea Party is made up, we’re told, of hard-working American home-owners. They’re in for a shock and may soon realize the folly of their ways in entrusting their futures and fortunes to the Republicans.

The wealthy are laughing all the way to the bank.

Big corporations have that grin that is comparable to the one the cat gets – you know, that cat that swallowed the canary.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t think of American as a democracy any longer! Think of it, in more realistic terms, as an oligarchy.

The Commissioner of Revenue in Minnesota, Dan Salomone, has projected that property taxes in Minnesota will rise by 859 million dollars over the next three years. MinnPost praised Salomone as a “straight-shooter” who has served under governors of different parties for over 20 years.

Here’s a shocking statement by MinnPost [all this is from a column in MinnPost by Wayne Cox, the Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens for Tax Justice]…

“The House tax chair argued his bill would provide low-income with a ’10 percent tax cut.’ The StarTribune article reported the income tax relief ‘would go largely to Minnesota’s wealthiest residents. The poorest 10 percent would get an additional 87 cents a year from their income tax cut, while the wealthiest would receive an average of $415 a year.’ It turned out House Speaker Kurt Zellers, who had said the state was broke, still had enough money for yet another tax cut at the top.”

I hope all the middle class folks who voted for these guys are taking a good, hard look in the mirror right now. You turned our state house over to guys who are in cahoots with the wealthy and the big corporations.

Mr. Salomone’s statement points out that here in Minnesota “half of taxpayers will receive a larger property tax increase than they would an income tax decrease.” [quotation from Cox's MinnPost column]

“Reducing it increases total net state tax revenues by over $100 million. If the House Republican tax legislation becomes law, 300,000 Minnesotans will have less money in the pocket than they would have. The net taxes they pay, taxes of all forms after credits and refunds, will be higher. That is a tax increase. And it would be a tax increase on those with least room in their family budgets in tough times to absorb this hit.


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  1. Independence does not depend on any of that aid - it is never reliable and there are usually strings attached. We are very careful in the city budget and we don't have a lot of amenities out here - but it pays off in the long run. It will be tight and the gas increase will be our biggest concern that may very well go over our estimate - but, cities need to tighten their belts. The city taxes are less this year than last - the county, school and state went up. Lynn