Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trying to sit!

Home from the hospital, trying to get comfortable!
by Charlie Leck

The number of messages that have streamed in now that I’m “off the air” has been extremely flattering. Thanks so much for missing me. Those blogs that were posted right up through surgery, and a day or so afterward, were actually written before I went to the hospital and scheduled for posting at later times. I thought that I would surely be back to blogging by now but it doesn’t go very well in the recovery department.

The “whole hip replacement” surgery in the hospital and the whole routine surrounding it went really, really well. I had a great, caring set of nurses and assistant nurses. I wanted to take a couple of them home with me. The time flew by and here I was at home. Now this is a different experience. There’s the pain! Then there’s the constipation (I don’t deal well with constipation and never have.) It (I mean it as in “constipation”) makes it difficult to eat and certainly to enjoy anything one eats. There’s also the difficulty in trying to find a comfortable chair. I haven’t. It certainly isn’t that extra-highly toilet seat that’s been installed in my bathroom.

Jasper, our black lab, was very happy to see me. Mother doesn’t know where I keep the treats.

Enough! Here’s a few unfinished notes from previous blogs.

(One) Silas Jayne by Bryan Alaspa
Don’t buy it. It’s joke of a book with material just regurgitated from the two others I wrote about that dealt with this subject. I’m so embarrassed about the poor quality of this book I won’t even give it away, so into recycling it goes. Alaspa calls himself a writer in the biographical notes. He’s not and it’s not close.

iPad (version two)
Yup, wouldn’t you know, my iPad showed up on the day I got out of the hospital. I’ve been playing with it quite a bit since. It’s cool, but I’m trying to figure out why I needed it. It provides me my first e book reading devise. Pretty cool! Sometimes the pages turn when I don’t want them to, as if there is a ghost reading along with me who wants me to hurry along.

I’m looking now at the weather app on the iPad. It’s only 46 here and cloudy and a bright white snow covers everything. I see, though, that the market is up.

My butt hurts. I’ll call it a day.


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