Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 98 percent of Catholic Women

Come on, you grandiloquent leaders of the Roman Catholic Church! Don’t you realize that the real world often tires of you and your pomposity?
by Charlie Leck

You know, hypocrisy bothers me more than most anything. The word, hypocrite, comes from the Greek Ùttókpiσç, meaning coward, or jealous one, or play-actor. The meaning of the word has its roots in an inability to decide.

I sometimes get especially filled with rage about hypocritical religious-people – especially those types that like to make their own convenient religious laws and then tout them as God’s laws. So, I’m raging this morning. I read the phrase “cafeteria Christians” somewhere in the last day or two. I laughed at it – pick and choose! Take what you want! Pass up what you don’t like!

Oh, why beat around the bush? I’m so angry at the Roman Catholic bishops and lay leaders this morning – those who are attacking President Obama on this question of hospitals and clinics being mandated to provide birth control medications to patients who, for medical reasons, need to have them.

A number of reports lately, including one by the highly regarded Guttmacher Institute, show that 98 percent of all Catholic women rely on some kind of birth control assistance beyond those considered natural by the Catholic Church.

Tell the bishops to “shut up, already!”

Get with it you holy hypocrites and realize the reality of the world in which you live.

Why don’t Catholic women rise up and tell the overly-righteous Pharisees among the Catholic pecking order to shut the hell up? (!)

I’ve got a head-ache from them already – a really bad one!

So, headlines tell us that President Obama is risking the “catholic vote” by taking the stance he has on birth control. Wait! Really! What? I don’t think so.

Ninety-eight percent of American women aged 15-44 have used some form of contraception and more than 44 million have used the pill, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

"There is no evidence that the teachings of the church influence Catholics in their decisions about the kind of contraception they actually use," said Frances Kissling.

The lead author of a 2004 report on Catholics' attitudes on sexual behavior, Kissling said fewer than five percent of Catholics in the United States use birth control methods allowed by the Church.” [source]

The insufferable Catholic bishops in America are now pushing the envelope even farther – as reported in the NY Times

“…Catholics who own businesses should not have to provide birth control to their employees in their health insurance coverage.

I’m sure the 98 percent of Catholic women who do use birth control meds and devises really appreciate the tougher-than-nails stance the Bishops are taking.

I’ve got to think about something else. The Catholic Church gives me a headache – it really does!

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