Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Democracy is Not All About Receiving

Democracy is also about giving and that “we” has a greater value than “I”…

Former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson has just published another blog – finally – after about a month since the previous one. The Governor is one of the brightest hopes we have in politics today. He calls us back to a time when politics had more heart and hope. Politics weren’t perfect back then and there was plenty of hard fighting going on; yet politics were more hopeful and the process seemed, in the end, to work better.

I was very struck by this comment that Governor Carlson made in this latest blog…

“In so many ways they (Walter Mondale and Al Quie) understood what we have yet to learn and that is that democracy is not all about receiving but also giving and that “we” has greater value than “I”. Governing is not about personal or party victories but rather a shared responsibility protective of our children’s future. Therein lies the greater good.”

Be sure to read Governor Carlson’s latest blog, Can We Learn from Two Minnesota Giants.

We need to hear from Carlson more often. If you read his blog, leave a comment for him and tell him to write more frequently. I don’t know how much energy he has left, but he could be a major force in putting politics back on track in Minnesota. Oh, how we need his leadership!

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