Friday, February 10, 2012

Romney in Trouble

What do the last few primary/caucus results mean? Can Romney close this sale.
by Charlie Leck

I had a sales manager once, when I was very young, who contended the world was full of great salesmen. He didn’t care. He wanted people who could close the deal.

Tom Brokaw, when he was a young college student, was a wonderful salesman. He worked in a men’s clothing store in South Dakota. Brokaw could sell a suit of clothes like you couldn’t believe. I watched him work a number of times. Tom didn’t wait for a guy to make up his mind between two or three or four suits. If a guy was floundering, Tom would sense it and he'd point to the suits hanging before the guy, zeroing in on one, and say, “That’s the one!”

Two weeks ago – even a week ago – I thought the Republican primary chase was over. President Obama would take on Mitt Romney. Now, I’m not too sure. There’s something about Romney that voters in the Republican Party are resisting. The results in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri were disastrous for the front-runner. Now, all over again, it’s a brand new race.

Combine the results of all the primary/caucus states to-date and you find two-thirds of Republican voters did not vote for Romney. A publication I read yesterday concluded that two-thirds were opposed to Romney. I think that’s too tough – because there are a large number of choices – even though it is statistically correct. Nevertheless, I’m no longer sure that Romney is a good enough salesman to close the deal with Republicans.

It’s amazing how many front-runners have led in this Republican race at one time or another – only to back-slide into trouble. There was Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich and then Romney; and now, perhaps, Santorum.

The Republican voters are struggling. They can’t find what they want. Is it possible the candidate is not out there? Or, is it possible there is yet another – a real closer – who needs to step up and seal the deal.

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