Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hank Haney's Kiss & Tell

Don't Buy! Don't Read!
by Charlie Leck (Mobile, Alabama)

Surveys of hundreds and hundreds of golfers over the last four days have indicated the opinion that Hank Haney shouldn't have written the book.

We're talking here about The Big Miss by Hank Haney. Haney  was Tiger Wood's swing instructor for six years, in probably the most remarkable part of Tiger's golf career to date.

It's a kiss and tell book as far as I'm concerned and I will not read it. I think Haney is (was) in the same context as a person's counselor and he should have respected Tiger's privacy and not related the kinds of stories about him that he did -- including those of incidents within Tiger's own home, while Haney was a guest. Those accounts surely should have remained private.

I'm told it would have been a fascinating book had Haney stuck to golf and the experience of instructing such a phenomenal golfer. He didn't. Haney turned the book into a gossip piece and dealt with things that will be embarrassing to his former student.

Haney, thanks to Woods, is now famous and has all kinds of "projects" to work on and from which he can make a great deal of money. One of those projects should not have been a kiss and tell book about Tiger's personal life.

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