Friday, March 9, 2012

How about a little CompPost?

I found a new blog and finding a wonderful, new blog always makes my day! If it hadn’t been for Rush I may never have discovered her.
by Charlie Leck

I have found a new blogger that I am going to, henceforth, refuse to miss. I invite you to examine her (not in the anatomical sense, mind you) and see what you think. There is actually a pretty good chance she may invite you to have a sandwich with her. She’s that kind of placid, agreeable person.

Oh yes, her name!
I nearly forgot. Well, her blog is called
CompPost. Geez, Louise, isn’t that clever? She’s also very witty with words and she likes puns. Her blog appears quite regularly in the Washington Post. In the Post! Get it?

Rush Limbaugh has called her writing “b-b-b-b-b-i-itchy,” as in bitchie or bitchy – or, on a different level, catty or venomous. Yes, it was Rush who said this about her. I wouldn’t kid you about this. Rush doesn’t think she’s very funny (or humorous) – or even witty or clever. That may be all it takes to convince you to check her out.

Oh, yes, her name! Did I forget again? Her name is Alexandra Petri. Now isn’t that a name? Every blogger should have a clever, attractive and lovely sounding name. Just juxtapose Alexandra Petri against Charlie Leck and you see what I mean. The fact that she’s also cute, in a coquettish sort of way, should have nothing to do with my commentary; yet, she’s got these devilish eyes and charming, disarming smile that makes you want to have a sandwich with her (as I might do with one of my daughters, say; for she is approximately fifty years younger than I) as she invited Rush to do.

There are lots of clever blogs that play with words and tease you to sharpen both your wit and your astuteness (such as Dick Cavett’s clever blog in the New York Times), but I think Alexandra’s is more creative than most such approaches.

This is a long, roundabout way of making a recommendation to you, but that’s what I’m doing. I think you should check her out. In the meantime I’m adding her to the list of blogs I follow…

Trout Caviar by Brett Laidlaw

…and I’ll report to you on occasion what she’s up to. And again, anyone who gets Rush Limbaugh’s goat can’t be bad at all. Not bad at all!

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