Monday, June 10, 2013

Antoni Gaudi and Sonia Sotomayor

Over the years, the television news show, 60 Minutes, has brought me immense and remarkable pleasure and it is difficult to measure the benefit I've also received from watching so many informative segments; yet, this Sunday night I watched two reruns of productions I’d not seen before and I thought they were among the best ever.
by Charlie Leck

When the magnificent they rank the greatest of weekly TV shows ever, they are going to need to give great consideration to putting CBS’ 60 Minutes in first place. I don’t need to say much more about this, do I? There are millions of people who agree with me.

Yet, what I find even more pleasurable and informative is the ability to nowadays go on-line and watch the entire show – or those portions you wish to watch again – and then to get much of the back-story behind the making of a segment and to see a bit of the material that got left behind on the cutting room floor.

Never was this made more clear to me than last night, when I watched two remarkable, informative and beautiful segments about Sonia Sotomajor and the brilliant and artistic architect, Antoni Gaudi. And then I went on-line and watched them again this morning along with some additional delicious material.

This blog is not going to provide you much more information about either of them; rather, it’s a tease that urges you to go to the 60 Minutes web site and watch these two segments if you have not yet seen them. Watch them and you’ll understand why I’m doing this and you’ll feel like you should thank me if you didn't already see them on your own (and there is a 75 percent chance that you have).

By God (and I mean it), I thought to myself after watching these two segments last night, I think this is a remarkable and wonderful world. Sing it, Louie!

“…and I say to myself what a wonderful world…”

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