Thursday, June 6, 2013

Outta the Fryin’ Pan!

Well, there may be no retirement from blogging for me after all – not if Tom Emmer wins this fall’s election and becomes the 6th district congressman! And I thought we caught a break when Ms. Bachmann stepped down. Ugg!
by Charlie Leck

Well, he did it – as I predicted he might. Tom Emmer has announced that he is a candidate for the U.S. Congress from Minnesota's 6th District. Honest to God, it sends shivers down my spine. Could someone so outrageously stupid really serve in the U.S. Congress? You think Ms. Bachmann was bad? Pssshaw! She was nothin’ compared to this guy. He’s one of the biggest oafs you’ve ever met.

I had the displeasure of watching him in action as a city councilman here in my town (back when he lived here). His tactic was always intimidation. If someone from the audience stood up to speak against some action in which Emmer was in favor, he always did the scare the crap out of ‘em routine. He’d sneer! And, he’d snarl! And then he’d snap! He believes in intimidation; that is, make sure people are too frightened to stand up and speak against you. Tom Emmer is a political bully. He’s impolite, cantankerous, tetchy and puckish. You can always tell when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he begins to shout. When he starts shouting and stammering in a debate, you know he’s backed himself into trouble and he’s trying to work his way out of it while distracting anyone who might be witnessing his oafishness.

The 6th district was starting to get tired of Ms. Bachmann’s foolishness. Emmer will be even worse; and, perhaps, in that, there is some hope that the voters of the district will say they don’t want any more of those shenanigans or that behavior. Let’s hope so. It would be so nice if the district would send a polite and reasonable person out to Washington to represent them.

In the coming months we’ll look into Tom Emmer’s background and his behavior in his home town in the 6th district. There will be some interesting things to report. Our goal will be to try to show he doesn’t belong in the Congress.

Maybe the Republican Party will recognize his weaknesses and turn Emmer away.


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