Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Target & Republicans, Please Don’t Fall for Tom Emmer!

The Tom Emmer watch has begun! When it comes to Tom Emmer, I just expect that Minnesotans in the sixth district will be smarter than that; but, then, I thought Target would be brighter than that, too!
by Charlie Leck

Tom Emmer wants to run for Congress in the sixth district. Aren’t Republicans getting tired of supporting whacko-nut-case candidates who leak such massive amounts of murky bullshit? I mean, common man!

And how about Target Stores?
Target and its CEO supported Michele Bachmann in the 2010 and 2012 elections. They supported Tom Emmer in the last gubernatorial race. Are they really that stupid? And, are their stockholders wising up? Target is embarrassed this morning by
a story in the Minneapolis newspaper that points out that Target’s shareholder approval of executive pay bonuses has fallen in the last three years from 92 percent to 52 percent. And I think it is going to fall even more when a lot of shareholders, who don’t pay attention, wake up and get in on the voting. Paying an executive 23 million dollars when his company is under-performing is outrageous. Standing aside and approving large political donations to PACS who support ultra-conservatives is also stupid – especially when most of those stock holders are moderates politically (and many of them Democrat moderates)!

Tom Emmer claims to be big into God, even while his list of people and organizations he hates grows longer and longer. Such rage doesn’t seem very godly to me. Target, pay attention!

One doesn’t exactly use the word compassionate when trying to describe Emmer. The adjectives that come immediately to mind are more like fierce, angry, hateful, disrespectful, cantankerous, negative and rigid.

Tom Emmer is not your stereotypical Minnesotan; that is, there is nothing Lake Wobegonish about this guy.

Here’s what a lot of Minnesotans are going to hold against Tom Emmer…

He authored a bill that required a baffling connection in school between religious reference and the “world view of America’s founders” and “American or Minnesota state history.” There are some political scholars still trying to figure out what Emmer was talking about in that piece of legislative slop.
Tom Emmer stands staunchly behind the view that marriage is a “union of one man and one woman.” Our state compassionately rejected that notion.
He wanted to pass a constitutional amendment that would require a two-thirds vote in the state legislature in order to put federal laws into effect. What? Huh? Is the man on something?

If those little tid-bits are really not enough to help you understand that Tom Emmer is a little off-kilter politically, then you can find plenty more.

As well, someone ought to take a long, careful look at Tom Emmer’s career as an attorney-at-law. I think there would be a gold-mine of stupidity there.

What astounds me is that the Target Corporation, owner of the Target Stores, has given a significant amount of money to political causes that have supported Tom Emmer – just like they did on behalf of Michele Bachmann. You wouldn’t think that the CEO at Target would be so stupid as to allow that; but, then, he (Gregg Steinhafel) also personally contributed to the congressional campaign of Michele Bachmann and he’ll probably support Tom Emmer as well.

Target, wise up! You really don’t want to get caught in bed with Tom Emmer. Perish the thought! I can’t stop my wife from shopping at Target even though she agrees with me about the company’s stupidity. She tells me it’s so convenient and tidy. That means a percentage of my money (spent at Target) is going to ultra-conservative Republican candidates.

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  1. I can't vote in Minnesota's 6th district but I can bypass Target.