Thursday, July 25, 2013


This was my first visit to MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art in New York City) and I was quite amazed.
by Charlie Leck

We have wonderful art museums here in the Twin Cities and we often begin thinking that they are probably among the best in the nation. On my recent little trip to New York City and New Jersey, we spent a couple of hours in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in Manhattan. It’s size and the quality of the art it displays is simply remarkable. This is among the greatest art museums in the world. A couple of hours there gets you into and somewhat through one exhibit.

We spent the bulk of our time looking at the Le Corbusier exhibit – the architectural art and genius of Charles Édouard Jeanneret. He died in 1965, after a remarkable artistic career as an architect and designer of buildings and communities. The display is on loan to MOMA from the Foundation Le Corbusier of Paris.

There are architects, I guess, and then there are the remarkable architects. Jeanneret was both architect and artist. One can add that he was an urban designer who was deeply concerned about cities and how they sprawl – and how they get away from planners and often end up being places of great discomfort for people rather than communities of ease and joy. Jeanneret lobbied for more careful planning that would enable cities to be sustainable.

What an exhibit! It went on and on and on. One could devote enormous amounts of time to studying this vast exhibit alone. I envy New Yorkers who have MOMA to visit regularly. I can’t imagine it has any equal anywhere in the world among modern art museums.

You can visit the MOMA web site here!

You can visit the Le Corbusier Foundation here!


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