Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sometimes a Photograph

My daughter, our youngest kid, took some photographs for me last week at my high school class reunion. I never expected such excellence!
by Charlie Leck

I’ve been blown away by some photographs in the last few days. A good friend forwarded an email he received from one of his friends that included an array of wonderful historical photographs that just grabbed my attention and gave me a number of rich, wonderful viewing moments. I spent a considerable time examining nearly every one of them. If I can get permission, I’ll share them here on my blog for you to see also (as of this moment I don’t know what the copyright provisions are).

For this moment, however, I want to share a few very artistic photographs my daughter took at my high school class reunion last week. I had asked her to come out to NJ with me to take photographs of each of the attending classmates and, perhaps, their spouses. She did.

I never expected such startling and beautiful results. Cynthia is a student right now at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan. To this point, she isn’t planning to make this a profession, but just a serious hobby. She’s also working on an advanced degree in the field of education.

I want to share a few of these photographs for your enjoyment. That’s all. You don’t know these former school chums of mine, but I’m betting you’ll still feel a bit of the emotion I felt when I looked at these and others.

Sometimes a photograph can be more than a casual snapshot. We, who too often pull out our iPhones or mini-cameras to casually take little reminders of moments, should remember and appreciate the remarkable power of extraordinary photography – and how it goes far beyond film or video in capturing the power of its subject. Go, for instance, to the web site of the Richard Avedon Foundation and look there at the extraordinary work of one of the masters.

For now, however, enjoy these works of my daughter.


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