Sunday, July 14, 2013

Need Conceal & Carry Law for Tampons

Some things can only happen in Texas (one of my least favorite states – a state I probably would never have visited if my sister had not lived there for so many years). Confiscating tampons is one of those things.
by Charlie Leck

Texans have often talked about seceding from the Union. Most of the time, in response, I’ve raised a glass toward the state and sung out loud, “So long, it’s been good to know you!”

One of my favorite columnists – whose columns I rarely miss – is the Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri. She is a satirist with an immense sense of humor. She’s also a marvelous writer. Her column Friday (12 July 2013) was titled: Security at Texas legislature confiscated tampons, let guns go! (The exclamation mark is mine. I thought it was needed.)

Here’s one paragraph from the four paragraph column…

Among the latest updates from the Unwanted Texas Efforts To Pass Stringent Anti-Abortion Legislation came the gem that the state senate security was confiscating tampons from spectators entering the gallery to watch debate on HB2. Guns, of course, were still allowed in the gallery for those with concealed carry licenses. The difference between guns and tampons is that if you walk into a crowded locker room waving one of them aloft, every man there will run away screaming in fear for his life, and if you walk into that same locker room with the other one, everyone will just shrug and say, 'Oh, hi, Gilbert Arenas.’”

Believe me, you can read the entire column in a minute, so (this time) take my advice and have yourself a chuckle. You might also get hooked on Ms. Petri’s work.

As for the Texas state legislature, they’ve gone and passed a skunky, stupid anti-abortion bill. They are still cave men down there. One of those cave men, Texas Governor Rick Perry, has promised he’ll sign the bill.

Geez, I hope the Cowboys finish last in their division in the NFL this coming season!

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  1. I too have given Texas some slack because of some family which resides there ( even though they have forgotten their roots). It won't be long before Texas politics is dominated by Hispanics.