Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Obama Seen as Wimp

A wise president has stepped back to examine our military involvement in countless situations since he took office. I think he has been asking the correct questions about our involvement in some rather insane situations!”
by Charlie Leck

Steve Chapman, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, seems to have said it best this week about President Obama: “His foreign policy appears to reflect an understanding of our limitations.”

Now many who would be President don’t believe our nation has limitations. They think America is able to do whatever it wants and whenever it wants regardless of the cost in money or human life. It just isn’t so.

It’s refreshing to have a President who says no to our involvement in every possible situation of conflict around the world. Chapman says it this way…

“Obama is getting slammed for a lack of aggressiveness by crusading internationalists in both parties – who brought us the Iraq war and the Afghan quagmire. If they think he’s wrong, he must be doing something right.”

“You betcha,” as we say here in Minnesota. That’s why we voted for him. We’ve had enough already with presidents who go storming off to war at every possible opportunity. It pleases and supports the military/industrial complex, but it does little, if anything, for any of the rest of us.

A few of my former high school classmates, to whom I listened in during some of their conversations last week, hardly agree. They called Obama a “chicken-shit” and sometimes things even worse. It’s easy for old men to call for wars that young men must fight. It is difficult, as president, to say no to many such situations; yet, more times than not, that’s what needs to be said. One needs only to look at the long, long lines of injured young men and women returning home from battle to understand what the president is feeling. It is not cowardice. It is courage and wisdom.

Too little do we raise the simple, yet substantive questions: “Why there? Why now?”

We need no more decade-long, useless and unproductive wars that end without definition.

As Chapman says in his column: “If Obama is a wimp, hail to the wimp!”

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  1. Like your line about the brave old men who call for wars that young men must fight. Lots of food for thought in this post. Keep them coming.