Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pope Francis on Gay Rights

NY Times article is extremely helpful in understanding what the Pope has said about gays and gay life. Catholic or not, you really ought to read it.
by Charlie Leck

Not much of a blog today…
I’m simply urging you to read something that I really shouldn’t try to rewrite here since it is so clear and helpful in the original. The gay rights question is massive right now. The Roman Catholic Church in Minnesota made a fool out of itself in the 2012 election. It spent far too much of the Church’s money in an attempt to get a constitutional amendment against gay marriage passed by the voters. It lost. It was money that could have been used for other more important (and even vital) services. The Church here simply wasn’t using its head or its heart.

Now speaks the Pope, trying to use both head and heart. He doesn’t necessarily speak for me, but what he says is very important in a world where he has a huge impact. Read the NY Time article by Rachel Donadio about what the Pope said and what it means.

The Pope treaded carefully and still won’t open up the doors on women in the priesthood, but we’ve definitely seen a crack here through which some light may seep.

I’ll return more fully tomorrow.

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