Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thanks to Every Single Vet Who Ever Served

I get a little tired of the people on Facebook who tell me to click the like button if I really appreciate America vets – or if I really love Jesus – or if I agree that kids should say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday!
by Charlie Leck

Appreciating the Vets
I have lunch nearly every Monday with my former neighbor and old friend, Charlie Crosby. Charlie, 86, is all alone in his house now and he’s struggling with the early stages of Parkinson’s in his old age. I’m trying to talk him into moving into some assisted living situation. He can afford it. That’s not a problem. His children want him to do that too. I worry about him living alone.

We nearly always lunch at the Legion Club. It’s his favorite place. And he always has the same lunch – the Commercial –without the gravy! He also always has a small glass of Chardonnay.

Only vets can be members. There, one gets to listen to their stories of valor and bravery in Europe, the South Pacific, Korea and Vietnam. Of course one appreciates the vets. I get tired however of those people on Facebook who are always asking you to “like” if you appreciate the veterans – or if you love Jesus – or if you are loyal to America! Or if you are committed to the Pledge of Allegiance! Give me a break!

Stop it already! If you really appreciate veterans do something important for them. Lobby to get them better benefits and medical care. Work for better benefits in your own state and community. Demand we do something about the terrible and untreated syndromes these vets face when they step away from war. Work to improve their opportunities for employment.

Then, of course, you could also work to stop frivolous and unnecessary warfare. Join Women Against Military Madness. Support candidates with reasonable views about the military-industrial complex. Don’t just ask for silly plucks on the like button all the time!

And if you love Jesus so much, do as he did and get out there and feed the hungry and get care for the ill and shelter those without homes. That’ll prove how much you love him – not some simple click on a like button on Facebook.

Jesus, I’m sorry, but all this dung gets to me after awhile. I don’t have to pluck like buttons to prove my faithfulness to you or loyalty to flag or country!

The photo above is of Charlie Crosby at the Legion Club! And here’s another photo of one of his vet friends who stopped by to show him a clipping. Both were taken on my iPhone.


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