Friday, October 18, 2013

What the Tea Party Really Is!

The last few weeks have been very difficult. They even became dangerous at times. If, however, we learn from this experience about what the Tea Party really is, the agony the nation was put through will be worth it.
by Charlie Leck

Goofy Senator Ted Kruz (Texas) decried the Republican U.S. Senators. He said they were “like an Air Force bombing its own troops.”

Kruz’s error is that he thinks he is a part of the traditional Republican Party. In fact, he is not. He chose to align himself with the Tea Party and that is an entirely different animal than traditional Republicans.

Americans must learn from this lesson. When they vote for Tea Party candidates, they are voting for right-wing extremists who have nothing to do with the traditional political entities. The true Republican Party is a party of conservative moderation. The goals make some sense and are worthy consideration and debate; and, those debates can be rational and sensible (even polite and considerate).

The Tea Party has been exposed in the last three weeks for what it is – for what it really is. I hope Americans can see this.


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