Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Your Government is Closed!

On the first day of a national health care program in America (the Affordable Health Care Act), your government has closed its doors. Thanks to the Tea Party. May they all get thrown dramatically out of office.
by Charlie Leck

In a year, election campaigns will be at their height. Congressional Representatives and U.S. Senators will be asking for your vote. I beg you to remember this day. If you have a Tea Party politician campaigning in your district or state, give them the boot. Work hard to defeat them! Get involved!

Don’t forget – in spite of what they now say (and will be saying next year) – they are the buggers who shut our government down again! They do not deserve to be serving in Congress!

Michele Bachmann will not be running again. With all the scandal in her background now she wouldn’t have stood a chance. Let’s make sure someone like her does not come out of the 6th district just over here to my west a mile or so. Tom Emmer, who is as bad as Bachmann, will try for the seat. Don’t let him have it. There is plenty of scandal smearing Emmer’s reputation also. The Sixth District deserves reasonable representation.

We have got to establish a reasonable Congress again. I don’t care if it is controlled by Republicans or Democrats. I just want reasonable and fair men and women to serve us in every part of America.

I recommend David Gerson's column in today's Washington Post: The Tea Party's Revolt Against Reality.

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