Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This House is Out of Control

The headline question in the Washington Post this morning is: Who controls the house?
by Charlie Leck

The question is not about my house. That answer is clear in regard to my house and it ain’t me! The sweet lady who has grown old with me controls everything –even me!

Things should be so clear in the U.S. House of Representatives. They are not. When you look at the dizzying, wild, mucked-up situation, you are tempted to say: “No one is in control!”

The amazing thing is, you’d be correct! There is no one in control at the U.S. House of Representatives and that’s why we are having such a mess.

John Boehner would like to be in control. He sometimes thinks he’s in control. John Boehner is not in control.

There is speculation that the majority leader in the House, Eric Cantor, is the man in charge. It’s possible. Lord, let’s hope not, but it is possible.

John Boehner is dangerous because he just a fool and an oaf (see definition here)—synonyms are churl, boor, dolt and ninny).

Mr. Cantor is bright and smart as a whip. The problem is that he is also stubborn and determined – so stubborn and so determined that he is dangerous. Cantor is also a conceited cuss – much in love with himself and his abilities – and he thinks he can bring the current government down and replace it with another tomorrow. He doesn’t get it that he is not in England and that our system does not work that way.

The Republicans, under the lead of Eric Cantor (and not John Boehner) are doing great damage to the country while cannibalizing themselves. As Republican Representative Peter King (NY) has observed: “We didn’t get anything! This has been a total waste of time…. I think they think they won something. Whatever echo chamber they live in, they’re only hearing good things.

A Republican Senator from Missouri emphasized it even more: “The only reason the Democrats don’t look terrible is that we look worse!”

Who controls the House? No one! It is out of control!

The Republicans are determined to damage the nation! They’re hoping it might also do great damage to a President they abhor!

They have forgotten how the system works. This President beat your man up good in the last election campaign and in the election itself. HE is the President and you must live with that. You Republicans are being as foolish as a selfish child who will stamp his feet and scream his lungs out until his parents, exasperated, give in to him and his demands. You deserve a spanking! I hope you get it in November 2014.

In the meantime, in our own house here on the edges of the metropolitan Twin Cities of Minnesota, we have no furnace (our furnace was removed two days ago) and winter is fast approaching. A new system is supposed to be installed and working by the end of today. It won’t be. Our HVAC company is still awaiting its delivery. A geo-thermal system is being installed out in the yard. It was supposed to be finished last night and ready for hook-up to the new heating system today. It was not. The drilling company hit some kind of snags. They left quietly last night without muttering a word to us. We must await their return this morning. It is still totally dark outside as I write this. I have two grandchildren who are coming today to spend four evenings with us while their parents slip away on a business/vacation trip. How shall we keep them warm?
This house is out of control, too! I have too much to worry about without having to worry about the crazies in the Republican Party as well!

Mr. Cantor and Mr. Boehner, you are both slugs who deserved to be thrown out of office. I hope, when November comes, you will be!


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