Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crazy? Crazy? Of course it's Crazy!

It’s a crazy world we live in, isn’t it?
by Charlie Leck

Here’s a sign: Natalie Dylan, a student who lives in San Diego, is auctioning off her virginity. The bidding, as of today, is approaching 4 million dollars. It's so incredible that I ought to have said… “approaching 4 million f—king dollars.” [story]

Now why didn’t I think of auctioning off my virginity back when… when…. when… when?

Here’s another sign: Sean Hannity, the dumbest radio talk show host in America, is carrying on with his charge that Barack Obama is trying to steal the legacy of Abraham Lincoln from the Republican Party. Geez! I can’t go on using profanities, but how else do you react to something as completely moronic as this? Hannity needs a refresher in the history of our modern political parties so he can understand that the Republican Party of today doesn’t really have genealogical lines back to the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln. That’s like saying Thomas Jefferson was a Democrat of the same lineage as Bill Clinton. [See this video on The Political Carnival]

And another sign: Joe the Plumber was in the Middle East reporting on the war in Gaza for some frickin’ dumb organization that hired him. Just for the record, Joe the Plumber’s real name is Samuel Wurzelbacher. He was in the region as a reporter for a web site – a conservative web site, don’t you know – Have you heard this guy talk? Can you believe it?

Then, according to a report by the Southern Policy Law Center, Obama's election is swelling the membership rolls of the nations racial supremacy groups.
"Neo-Nazi David Duke says Obama will be a "visual aid" for angry white Americans and will provoke a backlash among relatively mainstream whites that will "result in a dramatic increase in [the] ranks" of extremists. Many other hate group leaders agree."
What a country, ey?
Oh, why not another sign? Here it is: A book on phone sex was published this past September. It reveals a lot about the ladies who answer the calls and “perform” for the “gentlemen” who call in. The book also publishes some of their photographs. In case you’re addicted to phone sex, get a copy of the book, look at the photos and, voila, you will be cured! Crazy friggin’ world, isn’t it?

I could go on and on you know. There are just a million points of evidence that indicate how crazy we are, but do you need anything else? Is any more evidence required? This is a crazy world we live in, no?

And, just for the record, Sean Hannity is the dumbest idiot in this crazy world – with the possible exception of you, of course.

Alan Uthman and Ian Murphy, at Buffalo Beast, put Hannity on their list of the 15 Most Loathsome People in America. Oh yes, Rush Limbaugh is there as weel. And so is Michelle Bachman. It would be difficult to guess that Dick Chaney is on the list, too. Go see the rest.

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