Thursday, January 29, 2009

The House of Fools!

The U.S. House of Representatives is a place of fools and we should throw all the simpletons out!
by Charlie Leck

The House dithers while the nation falls deeper into the Abyss!

It’s not just Republicans, but Nancy Polosi and her Democrat colleagues are also stumbling around like fools, while the President calls for action. Our new President is calling for legislation that might reverse the nation’s horrible economic slide into destruction. He calls for a new approach of bi-partisanship, setting politics aside. Nevertheless, the imbeciles on the majority side of the house begin throwing their own pet wishes into a bill they know will pass Congress – things like hundreds of thousands of dollars for condoms. There is only one result to an action like that. It is going to raise the hackles of conservatives. Put it in another, independent bill, Ms. Polosi, and let’s see where it goes. That’s only one example. A host of Democrats have rushed to include their pet requests in the bill also.

The Republicans are using the occasion to open their 2010 campaign to recapture the majority in the House of Representatives. If the President fails to curtail this spiral into economic oblivion, the nation will send him a signal, in the middle of his term, by electing many Republicans to Congress. So, Republicans dally instead of supporting the new President and his efforts to stem the tide. It is as if they are wishing for his failure.

The Republican caucus is recommending that its members vote no on the emergency legislation. Then, they'll hope for the bill's failure and have a mighty target to hit in the election campaigns next year.

It is at a times like this that one can understand the frustration of the people about the politics of Washington.

How does the nation manage to survive such low-down sons-of-bitches?

As FDR said in his 1932 Inaugural speech, “The people want action and they want it now!”

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