Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is the Day!

What we’ve been waiting for – George W. Bush will exit and Barack H. Obama will make his entrance!
by Charlie Leck

It is early! I’m having some neighbors in to nosh and watch the inauguration on the telly with me. I need to filet some lox and make a quick run to the bakery for a nice fresh coffee cake. I’m praying no one will care to look at my library because I won’t be able to get it cleaned up this morning. Stacks of books and piles of papers and photos just seem to grow wildly here. Someday I really need to attack this mess; however, when I sit here to work these piles are comforting and companionable.

No one more excitedly anticipates the inaugural address as I. I’ve been thinking about it since election night, vain enough to arrogantly wish I was somehow involved with the writing team.

No thunder and lightning from Obama today – no black expressionism – no standing on the shoulders of Martin Luther King, Jr..

Today he rides the historical speeches of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy. He must express strength, courage and fearlessness. He’ll call on us to be involved in the healing and rebuilding of the nation. He calls on us to be team players and to unite for the sake of the nation.

There will also need to be a warning to potential foes and heavy-handed nations. He won’t mention any names, but Korea and Iran will clearly get the message. The implications will be precise – that he won’t make the mistakes of George W. Bush and any military involvements will be sharp and thorough.

It will be very brief. It won’t break records for brevity, but it will surprise us when he utters the final words: “And God bless America!”

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