Monday, January 19, 2009

Hating Obama

We need to understand that there are many people who are actually frightened about living in a nation presided over by Barack Obama!
by Charlie Leck

Did you watch any of the incredible concert from the Lincoln Memorial Sunday?
My, it was difficult to control my emotions. What an exciting show! Springsteen was spectacular and his song with Pete Seeger was nearly too much for the emotions. What a line-up of the spectacular entertainers. [Read the NY Times review/report of the event!]

It’s hard to believe, after watching that concert yesterday, that anyone in America wouldn’t like Obama.

Yet, a friend writes about the pride he’s feeling as the election nears and about how impressed he is when watching Obama in these few days before the inauguration. Then he ponders about something that I find myself wondering about, too.
“I can't imagine what it must feel like for people who are hard core anti matter what their reason. I’m gonna wait a little while and then talk to my friend ***** (whom you met) and try to see what this is like for him, as a conservative, Republican racist, and not a stupid man. He told me, 6 months ago, that his son, a career Air Force officer would resign from the military, before serving under Obama... He told me that mutual friends of ours, a very wealthy attorney and his wife, were making plans to move to Australia if Obama was elected. What must it be like for people like that?”
I know we were feeling so strongly around this house that we were actually talking about what it would be like to live in Ontario – near Toronto – rather than in the states. We were so upset about the negative direction of the country and the very hateful people who seemed to be in control. We weren’t sure we could abide four more years like that.

Now, to realize there are those who feel that strongly about not wanting to live under Obama gives me pause and I actually feel some sympathy for them. My hope is that they will give this new President a chance and that they’ll see he is a President for all people, and all states, and all times.

I’m so sure of it. I am so confident that his speech tomorrow is going to win a lot of people over. I hope those who thought they couldn’t exist under him – couldn’t continue what they were doing – couldn’t abide his leadership – will give him a chance.

Do you know that nearly half the population of America hated Abe Lincoln when he took the oath at his first inaugural? Seems like, historically, there was more rationale for that.

When I look at that smile that Obama flashes and when I see the warmth of his eyes, I can’t imagine that everyone wouldn’t be as encouraged by him as I am. Obviously, I don’t understand completely.

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