Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Spark Needs Fanning!

Perhaps Obama can inspire even us!

The following comes from the writings of Justice Louis D. Brandeis
There is in most Americans
some spark of idealism,
which can be fanned into a flame.
It takes sometimes a divining rod
to find what it is;
but when found,
and that means often,
when disclosed to the owners,
the results are often extraordinary.
That, it seems to me, is what our new President in trying to do with us – he is trying to fan some spark within us that it might become a flame.Should we, as Americans, somehow decide to get involved in making America great again, the results could be quite extraordinary.


Louis Dembitz Brandeis
was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. He was the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice.

Brandeis was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1856 to parents who had migrated from Prague. He graduated with honors from Louisville Male High School at the age of 14. He studied for two years at the Realgymnnasium Annenschule in Dresden. He enrolled in Harvard Law School in 1875 and graduated in 1877 at the top of class and with the highest grade achievement of any student who had ever attended the school.

The law school at the University of Louisville is named after him. His official papers are housed at that school. Brandeis University, founded in 1947, is also named after him.

In the face of staunch opposition, he was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice in 1916. He resigned from that bench in 1939.

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