Sunday, May 31, 2009

Helen Makes a Point

Marriage in the eyes of the Catholic Church really isn't that much at all!
by Charlie Leck

I'm working like mad on a book, so you may just get me referring you to some other sites for the next week or two.

In reading Margaret and Helen this week -- one of my favorite of all-time blogs -- good, old Helen Philpot made a remarkable point in her ranting about the California reversal of gay marriage rights.

"Honestly folks. If we paid as much attention to the sexual activities of Catholic priests as we do to homosexuals wanting to marry, we probably could have saved a lot of children from years of guilt, shame, anger and pain."
Helen, I still argue that you're a sweet young coed from Amherst College, but I like what you write anyway. Good going!

This really strikes home with me and I've been arguing for years. The Catholic Church's position on marriage sucks because it is so inconsistent -- annul one here because it means a rather large donation and don't annual one there because the poor slobs can't give the church more than a buck or two. I've seen it in action -- up close and live folks -- and I don't like it.

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