Thursday, May 28, 2009

Supreme Court Appointee Poses Dangers for Republican Senators

Come on boys! Attack the girl and get yourself in trouble for the next election.
by Charlie Leck

Here’s the long and the short of it for the following Republican United States Senators:

1. Jim Bunning, Kentucky
2. Richard Burr, North Carolina
3. Bob Portman, Ohio
4. John McCain, Arizona

These particular Senators will need to be careful about the way they conduct themselves in the when it comes to voting for Sonia Sotamayor or, for that matter, just commenting on her. These four Senators have plenty of Latino voters in their districts. If they go hard after Sotamayor they could damage their standing with those voters. If they vote against her, they will lose virtually every Latino vote in their states.

Bunning in Kentucky is already on shaky ground. He’s up there in years and does not have a very distinguished career to point to. Who knows if McCain is going to run again, but he probably will. Arizona is now loaded with registered Latino voters who can make a difference.

More Crap from Limbaugh
How about boycotting his sponsors? How about Rush Limbaugh recently calling both the President and Sotomayor “reverse racists” – whatever the hell that means! We’ve got to get a list of all this guy's sponsors and begin boycotting those products. Limbaugh has gone kind of nuts since people ordained him the head of the Republican Party.

Here’s the problem. Most of his sponsors are freakish. The Mad Lens Blog put it this way:

“Do you suffer from depression? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you suffer from chronic pain? Are you addicted to prescription sleep-aids or pain-killers? Do you have trouble achieving and maintaining sexual performance? Are you losing your hair? Do you want to lose 20 pounds fast with no diets and no gimmicks?”
As the Mad Lens says, if we don’t have these problems we’re already boycotting Rush. I’ll search for more information on those companies that sponsor his local show.

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