Sunday, May 24, 2009


On a beautiful Saturday morning, a visit to a farmers market is not a bad idea!
by Charlie Leck

I visited the Midtown Farmers Market in Minneapolis yesterday. Not a bad place to be. Lots of really nice people and good food, too. It's too early in Minneapolis for local produce, but with each passing week one watches more and more fresh, delicious items beginning to show up. My wife, Anne, makes the trip almost every Saturday, to set up her lamb booth. She's made a lot of terrific customers down there, who've also become good friends, and she enjoys those Saturday morning chats she has with many of them.

This is the beautiful pickle lady. They sell home canned pickles, pickled tomatoes, beats, peppers and other wonderful delicacies.

And these are some of her pickles.

I designed the original web images for this farmers market web page, including the banner up there with the title of this blog. I thought we had their web site looking really good; but, over time, with first this person and then that one tampering with and altering the site, it has become a pretty distasteful mish-mash of clashing flavors.

The market -- this one and all the others -- is a wonderful place to take photographs and I'll just leave you with this little show of my visit yesterday.

Two Pony Farm, which is out near our farm, is my favorite place to buy tomatoes when the season finally arrives. At the Midtown Farmers Market they were selling some of their heirloom tomato plants.

I've been exchanging emails with Ruthie for months and months, but we never met before yesterday. She owns Ruthie's Kitchen and makes wonderful items to sell at the market, including jams and spreads and all kinds of great baked goods. I bought a loaf of her Bohemian Rye and it was really wonderful.
Here's part of Ruthie's display.

And, here's one of the shoppers at the Midtown Farmers Market.

This is the magic hot dog bus!

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