Tuesday, May 5, 2009


For the Taliban, “laughter is not permitted, not even a full smile [Mobarak Haidar].”
by Charlie Leck

Don’t be distracted by the news out of the Republic of Georgia! In the coming days and weeks, I urge you to keep your eyes focused on Pakistan, because it has become the center of the world.

News stories this morning indicate there is a full out battle between Pakistan and the Taliban (including many Pakistani tribes who support the terrorists). At risk is a major U.S. supply route to Afghanistan and our troops there. Pakistan has been very slow to take up arms in the defense of its national lands and its very existence. More at risk is Pakistan’s collection of nuclear weapons.

The Obama administration has been putting intense pressure on Pakistan to react. Clearly the administration is worried about the presence of those atomic weapons in this equation [read David Sanger’s story in the NY Times of 3 May 2009]. If Pakistan waits until the situation is desperate, it may decide conventional fighting is fruitless. [Here’s the story in yesterday morning’s Wall Street Church about the current fighting.] As the battle wages and the weaker side becomes evident, keep in mind that Pakistan may use these nuclear weapons. Has any nation ever unleashed such weapons, or anything close to such force, against its own people?

If you don’t think the situation is considered grave in some quarters, listen to the way Sabrin Tavernise quotes the respected Pakistani author Mobarak Haidar in Sunday’s NY Times. She said that Haidar was confidently predicting the end of the world.

“All the world’s achievements for the last 500 years are at risk."
Baitullah Mehsud, the Taliban leader in Pakistan, is determined to win control of the government.

The battle in Pakistan is between religious extremists and Muslim moderates.

There is nothing more dangerous in society than religious extremism, whether it be Muslim or Christian, or of some other faith. A religious extremist who truly believes he is a soldier of God will go anywhere, fight any fight or follow any command.

There is no way America can allow the Taliban to control a nation that possesses atomic arms. Obama may be forced into a reaction. Then the question arises about whether have we a military adequate enough after Iraq and Afghanistan. George W. Bush left us a weakened homeland is so many ways.

Pakistan has become an important piece in the complex game of global chess.

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