Saturday, May 9, 2009


I got another of those untruthful emails this week and it really made me mad!
by Charlie Leck

I’m blogging about this today just in case you have also received this awful, purposefully untruthful email about the migration of hundreds of thousands of
Gazan residents to the U.S..

There should be a law against the kinds of terrible lies people send around by the hundreds of thousands in rageful, hateful emails. The problem, however, is that the people who send these things on have received them and believe them – and they’re too lazy to check out the facts, to see if what they’re sending is true.

A recent one came that really made me angry.
It claimed that our President had signed an executive order that would bring hundreds of thousands of “Hamas” Palestinians to American and that the U.S. would provide all kinds of comforts and benefits to these settlers, including housing and food allowances “to individuals who have displayed their overwhelming support of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)….” The executive order, the lying email said, called for the expenditure of more than $20 million on this “migration assistance” program. “ Just check the Federal Register of February 4,” the email told us. The sender had apparently not taken the time to actually read the document to find out the truth.

It was in late January (actually) that the President Obama issued a Presidential Determination (#2009-15) that provided up to 20.3 million dollars for “unexpected urgent refugee and migration need related to Gaza.” There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the determination that approved the migration to the U.S. of any Palestinians or Gazans – much less “hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas” to migrate to the U.S.. [Click here to read the Presidential Determination 2009-15 as published in the Federal Register on February 4.]

The email stated that the sender had checked the facts and what the email said was entirely true! That’s a bad!

Want to know how the State Department has determined to use those funds. Go to Snopes and read its evaluation of this false email claim. Snopes lays out the facts very clearly.

Then understand that George W. Bush signed a very similar Presidential Determination in May of 2007 authorizing the expenditure of 29.5 million dollars for “humanitarian needs resulting from conflicts in Somalia, Sudan and Chad… and in the West Bank and Gaza.”

Come on folks! Stop forwarding on false emails that just unnecessarily rile people up. Oppose the President if you wish, but do it honestly.

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