Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Nancy Pelosi Thing

What did she know and when did she know it?
by Charlie Leck

I like Nancy Pelosi. I get upset at people who don’t like Nancy Pelosi. I have a friend, Fred (Fred B and not Fred K), who can’t stand Pelosi and he is always making wisecracks about her. Fred is convinced, as is Adam, that Nancy’s goose is cooked.

“They told her all right. She had the information about water-boarding. She didn’t do a thing to stop it.” It’s difficult to describe the smirking smiles that spread across their faces as they say this to me.

My response is to not count her out yet. The count is only up to about 7 and she has a great recovery rate – maybe the best in the Congress – and she’ll be back on her toes, dancing and jabbing in just another second.

Nancy Pelosi is my kind of dame. She’s tough as nails. She vicious when she has to be and she can do it with an angelic smile on her face. Fred and Adam, together, couldn’t make it through a round with her. On top of all that, she’s pretty as all get out.

Now listen up! Would you really believe those bastards at the CIA before you would believe Nancy? How about those guys from the George W. Bush CIA?

Give me a break! I’ll tell you two things.

(1) Nancy Pelosi will come out of this smelling like a rose.
(2) The CIA, as it usually does, will come out of this with lots of cow shit on its shoes.


Here’s a great video that makes simple and comical “The ridiculous Nancy Pelosi Scandal.” Enjoy!

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