Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pawlenty Leaving Minnesota by Kicking Us in Butt

I wish Governor Tim Pawlenty good luck in trying to carry Minnesota in any Presidential election!
by Charlie Leck


Three med students at the University of Minnesota Medic School jointly submitted a letter to The Daily, the University’s student newspaper, criticizing the Minnesota Governor for his veto of GMAC funding. [See my blog of 2 March 2010]

Here’s an excerpt of the letter from the med students.

"Pawlenty is cutting the health care coverage of 60,000, switching some 20,000 over to the more expensive and less comprehensive MinnesotaCare and abandoning the other 40,000. Additionally, he wants to build a staggering new facility to incarcerate sex offenders who haven’t been caught yet and spend some of the health care savings on a 20 percent tax cut for corporations. Ironically, Pawlenty seems to be using the opportunity to show the Republican base an example of his 'values.' ...As medical students, we have had the opportunity to see the remarkable services hospitals like HCMC and Regions provide the state of Minnesota and surrounding communities. These institutions will be hit especially hard by the cuts to GAMC, forcing them to cut many primary care services for the poor, ultimately resulting in more frequent visits to already crowded emergency departments."
Click this line to see the letter in full.

Unfortunately, though the original bill passed by an enormous majority, in the vote to override the veto it lost by 3 votes in the House. Republicans, who had voted for the non-partisan bill, would not vote to override, knowing it would cost them politically in a day when all politics is controlled by THE PARTY and not by the will and intelligence of those elected to serve us. (The same disease which inflicts us nationally is also eating at the heart of compassion and reason in politics here in Minnesota.) It seems we might as well just keep legislators home and let the two parties send a representative who will vote his/her strength in numbers on each appropriate issue. Forget debate, reason, compromise and the will of the people. Look at the money we would save on per diums for legislators and senators, parking facilities, travel expenses, utilities and gasoline.

This VETO is very bad news here in Minnesota and I hope everyone of those of you who live here have registered your displeasure with your State Senator or State Representative if he/she voted against this bill or against the over-ride.

Those Republicans who gave up on their intitial vote represent particularly clear examples of cowardice. To vote your conscious and your mind on an issue, but to then relent just because the party tells you to, is a perfect example of the disease that has gripped politics all across our country.

I was not at all surprised to see that the coward, Tom Emmer, was on the list of those who opposed the bill completely. Emmer wants badly to be our next Governor. What a dreadful nightmare that is! I thought it was a near disgrace when Jesse Ventura was elected our Governor. It would be even worse for me should Emmer be elected.

For the record, my State Representative (Steve Smith) voted against it out of the box as well. It is not a great surprise. How this guy keeps getting reelected is something I cannot figure out! I wish someone with a name and some ability would step up and take him on instead of these lambs that are always sacrificed before him in each election every two years.

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