Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here are some of the things you can expect from the new health care bill!
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In this story by Tara Siegel Bernard, you can read an excellent summary of what the new health care legislation will and will not do. For those of you who are curious, it’s worth the read.

The article leads me to believe that the process of health care reform is not finished. Over the next couple of years, this legislation will have to be tweaked, corrected and improved. There are holes in it for individuals and for employers. Congress will have to address those problems.

Here’s another summary of the bill that appeared in the Boston Globe. It covers some things missed in the NY Times piece, but the emphasis is on what the bill means for Massachusetts.

One of the things that breaks my heart in this fight is the dishonesty and vileness of the Tea Party protests. You can expect plenty of lies out of those folks in the coming days. One can only be pleased that they are associated mostly with the Republican Party. Take a step back and look at these thugs and crazies. They are not of the sort that made America great. They are stamped with the brand of selfishness and self-protection. They are not prepared to welcome those who are “yearning to be free.” They are not the type to extend their hands to the suffering and those in need. They are, instead, self-serving, closed-minded, ignorant and hateful bigots.

Read Bob Herbert’s NY Times column about the Tea Party antics: An Absence of Class.

A lot of my readers have expressed great worries about the coming election, as have I. I’m starting to feel better now about that election – especially if the Democrats have the gumption to label the Republican Party as the “party of no” and the “party of no ideas.” Indeed, the Republicans know how to stall and they know how to obstruct; however, they proved to us in the 8 years under George W. Bush’s guidance that they do not know how to lead and solve problems. Democrats must make the people understand that the Republicans represent the power brokers in America and those afraid to invest in their nation so that more and more people might share the degree of comfort they have achieved.

Adam Nagourney’s “political memo” in the NY Times is right-on about this subject concerning the strategy that the Democrats must following to avoid defeat by the Republicans in November.
More about what the health care reform bill will and won't do is coming soon!

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  1. Discuted AmericanMarch 23, 2010 at 7:24 PM

    It is going to completly break this country at a time when we are so far in debt with Obamas spending frenzy, we will never recover. Thank God We have another election on the way in November and we can get some responsible people in power.