Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Morning Reading

Some suggestions for your reading pleasure!
by Charlie Leck

Sunday mornings I’m quite religious about my reading. I want plenty of time in a comfortable chair with a huge mug of coffee at hand, so I can read the morning papers and any other things I’ve set aside for just this special moment.

The clocks on the computers in the house have automatically sprung ahead an hour this morning; and I see that I am, for that reason, running behind in my reading by about an hour.

Here are a few suggestions that I don’t think you should miss in your weekend reading:

  • David Brooks, conservative syndicated columnist: GETTING OBAMA RIGHT (Who is Obama?)
  • Paul Krugman, moderate to liberal op/ed columnist for the NY Times: HEALTH REFORM MYTHS
  • Brett Laidlaw’s latest blog on Trout & Caviar: RAW FOOD, MY WAY (with a spectacular recipe for beef tartare, Steak Tartare Maison). Brett’s a facile writer and a spectacular baker. He obviously is an excellent chef as well. I’m trying his recipe tonight even though it will take a special trip to a really good grocery store.
  • A lead article on AlterNet asks Why Are We Afraid to Tax the Super-Rich? It’s a good questions and the article has some surprising answers.
  • After reading Nick Reding’s book, Methland (reviewed in my last blog), I’ve gotten very curious about the illegal sale of prescription drugs and the resistance of major retail prescription outlets (like Wal-Mart and Target) to reforms in current law. That attracted me to a story in today’s Washington Post about a current probe of the abuse of prescription drugs and how the problem is growing even worse. It can be found in Jerry Markon’s Breaking News Blog.
  • After some more reading today, I need to add Frank Rich's extraordinary column about the new Rove Cheney attack strategy on Obama.

Enjoy your Sunday morning. It’s great to sit here and listen to church bells clanging in the distance and know I can remain in my bathrobe and just keep reading.

Oh yes, and by the way, the Gophers (of the University of Minnesota) will play Ohio State this afternoon for the Big Ten basketball tournament championship. The Gophers trounced Purdue yesterday with spectacular defensive play. Nevertheless, Ohio State is the overwhelming favorite today.

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