Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend with the Grandkids (Photos)

Anne, Jim and Erika inside the giant Tornado Slide

The big kids at the bottom of the Tornado Slide

The warning sounds and the giant bucket tips

Caroline dancing a jig

Anna playing ball with her dad

Caroline and her dad at the bottom of a tube slide

Caroline and her mom

Caroline on a jet ski

A mild distraction to the photographer!

Grandma at work in the kitchen of our little suite

Grandma at play on the water slides

Anna Rose in a water spray

Not that I expect hundreds of you are interested, but I know a few of your are. The photos I've presented are of my grandchildren, Anna Rose and Caroline Jean, and of Grandma Anne, and the mom and dad of my grandkids, Erika and Jim. They are a mild interlude between quite serous blogs. These were all taken over the last weekend down in Wisconsin Dells. Looking at the grandchildren like this explains why I've cheered and pleaded so hard for a sensible national health care program.

Look for more about Health Care Reform tomorrow.

Charlie Leck

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