Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be My Valentine

It’s not one of my favorite traditional days – this Valentine Day – but I just try to go with it!
by Charlie Leck

When I was a young guy, just starting to take notice of girls, Valentine Day was quite an adventure. Kids in my school usually exchanged Valentine cards with everyone in the class. I did that; but, for the girl I adored, I always switched the generic card for something more special and sappy – and I secretly placed a little piece of chocolate on her desk with another card that indicated it was from her special Valentine.

This year, I’ll give my wife a simple, little card, but it will say that she is everything to me and the absolute center and base of my life. Enough said! I don’t want to get heavy here.

The photograph that leads this blog is what I want to feature. In 1981 my wife gave it to me as a birthday gift! It’s a bronze sculpture by Minnesota artist, Paul Granlund. It’s called Reflection. The reflection of the woman featured is reversed in the base on which she’s posed. In this photo you can see her arm and hand off on the left of the base and a foot on the right.

Next to my wife, she’s my great love.

I had her perfectly placed, with Granlund’s help, in the home in which we lived when she gave it to me. Here, on the farm, I’ve never been pleased with where she sits – and this Spring I’ll have her moved to a more reflective, private place.

Every time I look at her, I realize how loved I am and how fortunate I am.


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