Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What More to Say

What more is there to say about the protest gatherings in Egypt?
by Charlie Leck

These are amazing pictures coming back to us from Egypt and these are amazing times in Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt. The world is changing and the people are a risin' up!

I wrote a long blog about Egypt and these other uprisings on Sunday morning and I was about to post it when I decided to read a couple of newspapers first. Nearly everything I said -- that I thought was unique and creative -- was said by a couple of other people a couple of other times.

I sit back and sympathize with the protesters. Think about it! Wouldn't you also if you were forced to live in these conditions that just don't improve in spite of the promises by leaders that have gone stale (the promises and the leaders).

I killed the blog and took the weekend off and enjoyed the big Horse & Sleigh Conference that had come to St. Paul.


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