Sunday, June 10, 2012

Et tu, Brute?

The President can win in November if his political party hangs together and keeps it eyes on the goal; but doing so won’t be easy!
by Charlie Leck

I’m troubled this morning after having read Kathleen Parker’s column in yesterday’s Washington Post (Nobody Likes a Loser). Parker contends that everyone is piling on the President and abandoning him in so many ways; and, it’s not the opposition.

“In the political jungle, where people tend to be more Darwinian than divine, he is wounded and the pack is beginning to turn.”

It’s a powerful column and you might want to read it – especially those of you who want President Obama to get reelected.

It stings me to read these things – these growing criticisms of the President from Democrats.

This, after all, has been a very good President in very difficult times. The economy of the entire West has been dashed and is fighting to keep breathing. The man inherited two very difficult and ugly wars. The rise of the Tea Party has created a political atmosphere of hatred and lies like we’ve never seen in America. The President’s opposition party shows no signs of being a “loyal opposition” and seems to prefer to see the country sink into greater despair than to act in any way that might be helpful to the Chief Executive.

Yet, in spite of all these negatives, there is every sign that indicates the President can get reelected; that is, he can if his own party sticks with him and supports him without reservation during the next five months.

Somebody better get this message to Bill Clinton and other leading Democrats. And somebody make sure they understand the question at hand: Do you want Republicans running the entire show for the next four years?

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