Thursday, June 7, 2012

Triple Crown and Breathe Right Strips

Here’s another update to yesterday’s blog on the Triple Crown race…
I’ll Have Another may have to win without Breathe Right on Saturday if he’s going to capture the triple crown of horse racing. I lost on Breathe Right, too, and so may the big horse’s trainer, Doug O’Neill.
by Charlie Leck

Years ago I invested some money in a Minnesota company that had come up with the idea of Breathe Right nasal strips. Made sense to me; however, one of my financial wizard friends scoffed at me because the company was a one-product wonder. Turns out he was correct. My money got sucked up and then dried up. No winner this time! I’ve had a number of those investment disasters. Thank goodness that a couple of others make up for it.

Yet, Breathe Right is still alive and again getting a hard time. This time the New York Racing and Wagering Board has said that I’ll Have Another, a horse going for the nearly unachievable Triple Crown of horse racing, may not wear a Breathe Right strip (called Flaire when it’s for horses) in the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.

Here’s a Washington Post story about the whole matter that will give you a few laughs.

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