Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ron Paul Owns Minnesota GOP

Well, the title of this blog might be somewhat an exaggeration, but I wanted it to catch your attention so I might explain to you how deeply the Ron Paul libertarian political philosophy is penetrating into Minnesota.
by Charlie Leck

Headlines in the Monday morning StarTribune (newspaper of the Twin Cities in Minnesota):  RON PAUL DISCIPLES SEEK LOCAL OFFICES.

Ron Paul put together an organization in Minnesota that was very successful. Forget about national office and national ambitions. Ron Paul’s followers are looking to take over local governments and grow the Ron Paul philosophy from there.

Start with the fact that Ron Paul candidates will run for 26 seats in the Minnesota State Legislature.

Here are some blips from the story:

“A lot of the Ron Paul supporters are socially liberal and 180 degrees from the social agenda of a lot of GOP activists. This is just night and day,” said Carleton College political science Prof. Steven Schier. “If you’re going to grow the party that way, expect a lot of big fights.”

“Paul, who expects to send nearly 200 delegates and perhaps 500 supporters in all to the national convention in Tampa, talks often about efforts to “grow our movement” and bring the Republican Party back to “its limited government, liberty roots.”

What Minnesotans have to remember about Ron Paul is that he is quite liberal socially and there are many of his positions that I could accept and even endorse; however, he would never be able to pay for any kind of programs to promote or institute those liberal positions because he wants incredibly small government and almost no government spending. So, Ron Paul takes positions about more freedom, more free choice… without any kind of structure to support those positions. Rather, he depends upon the good will and kindness of the people.

If this is a confusing blog, I’ve accomplished my purpose; for Ron Paul and libertarianism, in general, is very perplexing – it is liberalism without any teeth and it is conservatism in that it argues for intensely small government.

How successful will the Paul followers be in their efforts to win positions in both local government and state government? My guess is that very, very few of them will win seats in county or state government slots. A number of them will win positions in town and small city elections. Mind you, I said these are guesses. I have nothing to support this conjecture – nothing at all! We’ll just have to see.

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