Thursday, March 28, 2013

Don’t Whisper Sweet Little Nothings in My Ear

Weather experts are something else, indeed! You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. Here in Minnesota these weather experts have a somewhat princely ranking!
by Charlie Leck

Here’s the kind of crap Paul Douglas was dishing out on Wednesday morning as he tried to explain the cold, winter grip that the weather still has on us here in Minnesota.

“Yes, the groundhog lied. But how was he to know the polar vortex would break down? High-level winds at northern latitudes have weakened dramatically, pumping warm air into eastern Canada and Greenland. Meanwhile, a persistent dome of numbing air centered over the Hudson Bay continues to fling chilly fronts south of the border.” [StarTribune, 27 March 2013]

Douglas is one of our super-star weather forecasters. He worth plenty of ching and lives comfortably. He's extremely recognizable. He's loved or hated by all, depending on the kind of weather chatter he's giving us at a particular time. Minnesotans are fascinated with weather projections and weather prognosticators. They get as much time on the local TV news shows as the sports broadcasters. We actually bet on how accurate the forecasters are or are not going to be.

“Five will get you ten that he’s not within 5 degrees of tomorrow’s high!”

Don’t take that bet if you’re talking about Minnesota weather. You can just never be sure.

The Major League Baseball season is supposed to open here in Minnesota next week. It hasn’t touched 50 degrees here this year. It’s not going to get to 50 degrees for the next week. There’s a chance of some snow mixed with rain on Saturday night.

The Twins will play Detroit, here, on Monday – outside – at Target Field. The superstar weatherman in the Twin Cities is saying it won’t reach 50 degrees. There are, if you can believe it, tickets available.

Hey! How about some global-warming, anyhow – or so – don’t you know?

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